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The Mitton Group - Integrated Marketing Consulting

About Us

The Mitton Group provides integrated marketing and business development services for smalll businesses and emerging companies. Combining the best of “old school” marketing fundamentals with the new avenues of Web 2.0 media provides an even closer, more accurate look at customer requirements, trends, and market changes. While the fundamentals remain the same, companies must execute much faster, with much greater reach and more sensitivity to customer expectations and experience. The Mitton Group prepares companies to be successful with this new model.




Marketing Strategy and Program Development

The Mitton Group is a full service consultancy specializing in integrated marketing strategy, brand enhancement, and social media engagement programs which combine strong marketing fundamentals with advanced technologies for building and sustaining business growth.

Marketing Jumpstarts

The Marketing Jumpstart is a 90-day program designed to get new business owners up-and-running with a compelling brand presence delivered across multiple marketing channels

Small Business Working Groups

Working Groups are an opportunity to tackle each component of your marketing plan with the support of two or thee similar business owners, under the guidance of experts from The Mitton Group

Social Media and Marketing Workshops

Hands-on workshops take you in-depth with email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other essential social media tools for engaging customers, driving web site traffic, and generating high-quality leads for your business.